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Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill Fabric

Beacon Hill has fabric in solids, patterns, and colors to give wings to your imagination. Beautiful, enduring and bold. These are three words to describe the collection of fabrics from the Beacon Hill line. Swanky Fabrics can bring you those designs, inspired by the world’s most popular and most beautiful destinations.

Beacon Hill fabric has seen the best of the world and adapted its designs. Internationally, cultures are recognized by the designs that they incorporate into their textiles – silks, brocades, prints, linens, and furs. All of those design elements bring to mind a movie, or a vacation, or a scent. Something that touches our memories so that the fabrics we work with take us to that place each time.

The selection of Beacon Hill fabric is both vast and versatile. The designs, weights and colors are available in every bold and strong pattern, and there is a range of accents to offset the design or compliment the color, like mints and corals, turquoise and cocoa. The shades and patterns are both familiar and exotic.

Beacon Hill fabric constantly pushes the boundaries of the imagination. Their latest line, Ink pays homage to the culture of tattooing. Other innovative lines from this designer include the Japanese inspired Mizuchi, and the tribal Amazon inspired Shipibo. Polynesia and the UK are two other places from which Beacon Hill draws inspiration. This is fabric based on adventure – and it shows.

What kinds of world adventures do the fabrics bring to mind? Midnight gardens in the color of deep, rich wine; tea ceremonies in an indigo kimono; abstract citrus and geometric florals; the ocean in the morning; the beach in the evening; and coffee in Paris. Wherever your imagination or your vacation can take you, Swanky Fabrics can help you find a Beacon Hill fabric to evoke the memory, time and time again.

Swanky Fabrics will also help you find the fabric that you need at a lower price, and will offer you the advice you need for your projects. Our fabric is used to upholster sofas, loungers, and chaises, to makes drapes and to craft cushion covers.

Here at Swanky, our Beacon Hill fabric is on sale, and is sold by the yard. A two-yard minimum is typically required. Swanky Fabrics can help you plan the project by recommending the amount of fabric that you will need. If you are not sure, just order a swatch of something with your other order so that you can see how everything will go together.

Beacon Hill fabric from Swanky Fabrics proves that finding the perfect fabric really is like finding the perfect day. If you love colors, textiles and the glorious richness of a luxury fabric, let us inspire you. No matter what you are looking for, no matter what you can imagine, these are the fabrics with inspiration, with high quality, and a rich blend of textiles that are perfect for any project in your home. Contact Swanky Fabrics for Beacon Hill fabric today, and don’t forget to look through the other fabrics we offer.