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Duralee Fabrics

When you choose Duralee fabrics, you can rest assured that you are choosing quality. From light and airy, to thick and textured, there is a large selection of fabrics to choose from within this particular brand. Duralee is among the interior design industry’s top fabric brands, as they combine timeless and lasting designs with the modern flair of emerging, innovative talent. With a wide range of styles and textures to choose from, you are sure to find something perfect for your project when shopping Duralee fabrics.

When working with Duralee fabrics, you will come to understand the difference that experience makes. Having been around since 1952, the designers behind Duralee fabrics understand what it takes to achieve longevity within the industries of interior decorating and design. The company has been purveying fabrics around the world since 1991 to over 40 countries, and had also began their expansion into hospitality and contract markets around this time.

Due to the expertise of their leaders and designers, as well as their high-quality products, Duralee fabrics has become a household name in the world of interior design. Although continually evolving, the fabrics within the Duralee family retain a sense of timelessness, without feeling stuffy or old-fashioned. They are constantly evolving, as their brand strives to be modern and stylish. Duralee fabrics have grown to incorporate patterns and designs that are fresh and fun, while still maintaining the company’s chic design aesthetic.

Frequently working with both up-and-coming, as well as established designers, Duralee fabrics have created a series of licensed fabric collections. Each designer that they work with is chosen based on that designer’s ability to fit within the Duralee style, while still promoting their own sense of individuality. Working with such designers, Duralee fabrics remain a trusted product in the industry, while also staying relevant in the ever-changing design world of today.

As a result of their successes within the industry, the Duralee company has expanded to include Duralee Furniture, as well as the Highland Court luxury brand of fabrics. Within each endeavor that they pursue, it is clear that Duralee fabrics are valued for their superb craftsmanship and striking design.

Duralee’s continued growth brings additional product offerings ranging from attainable quality, to high-end luxury, and everything in between. Their many product lines offer consumers a variety of price points, ensuring a diverse customer base. As more designers join the team, Duralee fabrics are able to captivate a growing audience, with each designer adding their own unique tastes and stylistic choices to this empire.

Although Duralee fabrics have become renowned in the interior design industry, and are major innovators across the United States, they remain deeply rooted to their belief that customer service is of the utmost importance. They cater to the creativity of interior designers, remaining both innovative and long-lasting. Duralee fabrics speak for themselves, as these product lines are known to be high-quality and dependable. Their designs can be seen in modest homes, as well as extravagant mansions, due to Duralee’s expansive customer base and fabric options.

Duralee fabrics retain a sense of timelessness, while also striving to be creative, modern, and stylish. These high-quality fabrics were made to last, as they are known for being affordable, yet luxurious. The expanding fabric collections housed within the Duralee fabrics brand ensure that their designs remain fresh and continue pleasing customers and industry professionals worldwide.