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Fabricut Fabrics

The Many Ways You Can Decorate with Fabricut Fabrics

Fabricut fabrics have been a longstanding tradition in the fabric and decorating industries, and for good reason. As one of the largest distributors of decorative fabrics in the world, the company has access to some incredible designs that people around the world absolutely adore. With so much variety and versatility available in Fabricut’s fabrics, decorators are using their products for all kinds of projects. Here are just a few interior decorating ideas that you can do using Fabricut fabrics.

1. Elegant Living Room Drapes

Window coverings are one of the most important aspects of a room’s decor. Unlike furniture or accent pieces, window dressings help give your home privacy and control how light enters a room. Many Fabricut fabrics are designed precisely with window coverings in mind and, thanks to their many offerings, you can easily find a piece of fabric that will make your next set of window coverings things of incredible beauty.

2. French-Inspired Couches

One of the most amazing things about Fabricut fabrics is the sheer variety of patterns they have available. There is literally a pattern for just about anything you can imagine, including a full line of French-inspired patterns that will give your room a classic and elegant French-inspired look. Using these patterns, you can create intricate, elaborate looks that draw the eye and create centerpieces for your home’s decor.

One of the most popular ways to use the French-inspired Fabricut fabrics is to create custom couch cushions for your home. Using the fabric you like the most, you can craft new couch cushions that will make a couch look vintage.

3. Warm Scarves for Winter

Nothing beats a nice scarf. It helps create a beautiful new layer for your winter look while keeping you toasty warm as the temperature drops. Plus, a nice scarf is a pretty easy fabric-related project. (Hint: Christmas or birthday gifts!) Fabricut fabrics come in a wide variety of colors and textures to make your next scarf really pop. Whether it is a thin material for a lighter fall scarf or a heavier material for when you are stomping through the snow, there is a Fabricut fabric for your next scarf.

4. Wallpaper that Pops

While wallpaper isn’t a fabric in the classic sense, there is actually a full line of wallpapers designed by and inspired by Fabricut fabrics. These can include everything from funky patterns that brighten up your kids’ bedrooms to elegant, beautiful patterns that help bring an entire room together.

5. Pillows for Extra Texture

With a heavy emphasis on black, chrome, and sharp lines, many contemporary design looks can lack the softness of fabric and materials. Oftentimes, a contemporary look can come across as cold and sterile, making it a less inviting space, even if it looks amazing. This is why many people are using Fabricut fabrics to add some softness to their contemporary design looks. The most common, and often simplest, solution is pillows, often made using fabrics with engaging patterns that can help break up a room’s clean lines.

Whether you are looking to change your home’s decor, bundle yourself up to face the cold or simply want a new crafts project, Fabricut fabrics are the perfect choice. As one of the world’s leading fabric distributors, they have thousands of designs and materials that are guaranteed to make your project a success.