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Robert Allen

Robert Allen Upholstery Fabric

When it comes to luxury upholstery fabrics and finishings, few names hold as much cachet as Robert Allen. Robert Allen upholstery fabrics exude elegance that strikes just the right balance between bold and understated.

However, it's not just the bold colors, beautiful patterns and luxury materials that make Robert Allen upholstery fabrics and excellent choice for your home. This brand is defined by its history of trusted quality. Since their beginnings in 1938, the Robert Allen brand has been recognized for its high quality fabrications and impressive attention to detail. A Robert Allen home is a home that looks beautiful and elegantly unique, and can withstand even the most energetic family life.

Swanky Fabrics is proud to carry a wide selection of Robert Allen upholstery fabric.

A Colorful History

When browsing through our selection of Robert Allen upholstery fabric, the first thing that will stand out to you will be color. From stunning solids to bold or intricate patterns, Robert Allen designs put color front and center. The company takes great pride in sourcing materials and working with mills from all over the world, in a constant search for better and brighter fabrics. A home furnished with pieces using Robert Allen upholstery fabric has depth and richness that stand the test of time.

Robert Allen upholstery fabrics also blend and match colors in unexpected and elegant ways. From bold stripes to intricate florals, Robert Allen prints are strikingly intricate, saturated and absolutely timeless.

A World of Influence

The variety and depth of our Robert Allen upholstery fabric selection is no surprise when you consider the breadth of influences the company draws upon. From global arts and culture to architecture and popular trends, the design team at Robert Allen draws on a varied and exciting range of influences to inspire designs that are timeless and cultured, while still remaining contemporary and a good fit more many different home décor styles. Add a little interest to your home with colorful, innovative fabrics that bring a world of influence to any room.

Personalize Your Home

The combination of bold colors, thoughtful design and exciting influences makes Robert Allen upholstery fabric an excellent choice for upholstery and drapery in your home. Robert Allen fabrics add a layer of worldly sophistication, playful luxury, timeless style and unbeatable quality to any room in your house.

The brand's dedication to quality and fearless use of color makes Robert Allen upholstery fabric a great option for a family home. These fabrics stand up to the kind of energetic use that makes family time so special. So don't let the luxury appearance fool you—Robert Allen upholstery fabrics are meant for everyday life.

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Saturated solids, shimmering brocades, bold stripes, delicate florals, mod graphic prints… any look that you desire you can find in our selection of Robert Allen upholstery fabrics. Your home is an extension of your personality, and our wide selection of bold, thoughtful and timeless Robert Allen fabrics makes it possible to use your home and furnishings to express yourself in a way that is completely true to you and your personal style.

Browse our selection for timeless, beautiful, high-quality fabrics to upholster sofas and chairs, create elegant drapery, or make interesting accent pieces to punctuate your home.