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Lee Jofa

Lee Jofa Fabric

When it comes to fabric brands that you can trust, Lee Jofa fabric is among the very first to come to mind. Having been one of the leading fine fabrics of choice for interior designers for almost two centuries, Lee Jofa knows exactly what their clientele is looking for. Their vision is unlike any other brand, as they have been able to successfully master the balance between past, present, and future in the designs that they create.

This brand has very early beginnings, dating as far back as 1823, when an Englishman named George Johnson began supplying rope and rigging to ships within the harbors of New York City. His company soon expanded to provide the stuffing for upholstery, and then started making their own horsehair upholstery. Once partnering with a man named Faulkner, the company took the name JOFA, which combined the names of Johnson and Faulkner. It was then that Lee Jofa fabric was born, as the company began importing and selling fine decorative fabrics. As proof of their legacy and timelessness, many of the famous designs used in their first fabric line can still be found today. The company is strongly rooted and clearly prides itself on its beginnings, as their current collections pay tribute to the fabrics of the past.

When it comes to Lee Jofa fabric, the past is something to be celebrated. Now, you may be wondering where the ‘Lee’ in Lee Jofa originated. In 1888, a man named Arthur H. Lee founded Arthur H. Lee & Company in England. Due to the Industrial Revolution, there were many designers who were unhappy with what was available on the market, so Arthur H. Lee decided to do something about it. His company became well-known for its innovative weaving techniques.

It wasn’t until 1965 that Arthur H. Lee & Sons bought JOFA, combining the names Arthur H. Lee and JOFA to finally create what is known today as Lee Jofa. Upon their very arrival on the scene as a newly merged company, Lee Jofa fabric was a force to be reckoned with on the scene. Combining the experiences of JOFA and Arthur H. Lee & Company, the newly formed Lee Jofa represented two and a half centuries of textile expertise. As a result of this knowledge and experience, Lee Jofa fabric became well-renowned. Their fabrics were considered among the most luxurious in the entire world back then, and are still considered among the best quality fabrics on the market today.

Although Lee Jofa fabric was adored for their timeless fabric, the company acquired a company by the name of Groundworks in 1986. Offering a different vibe than Lee Jofa fabric had become known for, Groundworks offered an alternative to more traditional designs. The Groundworks line is innovative, fresh, and modern. Their styling is entirely unlike the designs inspired by the Lee Jofa fabric past. Groundworks offered a variety of modern weaves, textures, and prints, which would ultimately showcase Lee Jofa’s ability to be both traditionally pleasing, as well as contemporary. This merger opened Lee Jofa up to a brand-new audience, widening their customer scope.

In 1995, Kravet Fabrics – a fourth-generation family business based out of New York – purchased Lee Jofa. Kravet offers their customers the widest range of decorative fabrics available, ranging from traditional to ultra-contemporary styles. This partnership further shows how Lee Jofa fabric has transformed over the decades, from an extremely traditional and practical product, to a brand that is able to offer something unique to each of their customers. Never forgetting their humble beginnings, you will always be able to find patterns and colors that were inspired by the past. However, never fear, as the many mergers and partnerships that Lee Jofa has acquired along the way have opened up Lee Jofa fabrics to contemporary design and modern styling as well. You will certainly be able to find a luxurious fabric that is sure to please even the pickiest clients within the Lee Jofa fabric line.