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Drapery Fabric by the Yard

Purchasing drapery fabric by the yard is the easiest way to ensure that you have all of the material you need to complete your project. Only by finding the perfect fabric can your dreams of the perfect window covering take shape. Before purchasing drapery fabric by the yard, it is also important to consider the wide variety of fabrics that you can choose from when shopping Swanky Fabrics! Our fabrics come in an array of sizes, patterns, materials, colors, and shapes that you simply will not be able to find at your local department stores.

At the outset of planning your project, you should consider the intended purpose of your drapes. There are many drapery fabrics by the yard available, and each has a unique look. Drapes are traditionally used to decorate the windows within a home, but are just as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. You can use drapes to shade a room from exterior light (either partially or completely) and can also help stop any drafts coming through the window pane itself. Particularly at night, drapes also offer you added privacy, as they prevent outsiders from being able to see directly into your house.

If you are designing a window treatment for an older home, it might be a good idea to purchase a thick, opaque drapery fabric by the yard. If external light has little to no chance of penetrating the fabric that you choose, it will also serve well as insulation. Many older homes creak and moan under the weight of their age, causing foundations and walls to shift slightly. This movement – in addition to old window panes and window framing – can lead to a drafty house. A thick drapery will help keep the cold out of your home during the cold winter months, and also stop all of your heat to escape through the windows. These thicker fabrics will also serve as excellent barriers to light, allowing you complete privacy from onlookers at night, and ensure you get a deep sleep without any light disruption.

Sheer or translucent drapery fabric by the yard is also available to be paired with a thicker curtain, or used on its own. Many people choose an outer layer of thick, opaque fabric with an inner layer of thin, sheer fabric when designing a window treatment. While the thicker fabrics are preferable for use at night or while sleeping, translucent fabrics are often favorable during the day. These sheer fabrics offer you some privacy during the day, as many of them are just thick enough to prevent passerby from seeing directly through your front window. For those who don’t have any windows at street-level, these lighter fabrics may even be suitable for use at night, as most individuals won’t be able to see directly into your apartment or upper-level residence anyway. Although these lighter fabrics offer little by way of preventing drafts, those who reside in newer residences need not worry about heat loss.

Whether you are looking for a light and airy fabric to create an ethereal window treatment design, or a heavy and opaque fabric to block external light and drafts from creeping into your home, Swanky Fabrics has it all! We offer a broad range of drapery fabric by the yard, guaranteeing that you will find exactly what you are looking for, no matter what your personal design style may be!