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Sunbrella Fabric Sale

Sunbrella. Even the name feels like the beach, doesn’t it? Show off your summertime vibes at an excellent price – we have Sunbrella fabric for sale and this is fabric that is strong and durable, with colors and designs that bring to mind a great day outside. The fabrics are swanky fabrics because they are made from 100 percent acrylics, but it looks as fine as cotton, to be used in places where cotton would not be expected. These fabrics were designed to look great and hold up to anything, and we are delighted to offer Sunbrella fabric on sale for you. Strong and long-lasting, they are designed for upholstery, for patio awnings, for umbrellas, and for furniture. 

Sunbrella fabrics are made for the shade, and created for fun in the sun — just like their names and patterns suggest! But these fabrics are not just for wearability outdoors. They look great and stay strong indoors too.  Look through the fabrics that we have available in our Sunbrella fabric sale collection  and see just how swanky these fabrics are, and get a feel for how swanky your outdoor project is going to look! 

There are beautiful fabrics at all pricing levels in our Sunbrella fabric sale. All the fabrics in the selection are strong and durable, with patterns and colors that match the room, or the scenery, and more importantly they evoke a mood. If you want to imagine the heat of the tropics on a summer day, or feel a mist of water to cool down a hot day, these are your go-to fabric patterns. Sunbrella fabrics are used to create upholstery, cushion covers, patio furniture, even beach tents, sails, awnings and umbrellas that are long lasting and durable, and meant to stand up to hot sun, winds, rains, and salt water. 

All Sunbrella fabrics for sale are not only strong and durable, they were meant to hold up to the elements while looking good too. They give peace of mind because they are easy to clean. As well, the patterns not only stand up against the elements, they look like the elements they were named after. With names like Lagoon, Baltic, Regatta, Leaf, Moss, Vassar, or Soho, they give a world of information for the imagination. Some of the fabrics are shown in bold solid colors, and others have stripes, or geometrics. 

Most of the Sunbrella fabrics on sale are sold by the yard. A two-yard minimum is required. See our estimate page to help you to plan out your project and determine how much fabric it will need. A swatch of fabric, or a sample cutting, can be added to your shopping bag if you are not sure if the fabric is the right one. All of the fabrics at Swanky Fabrics are at a discount from the vendor and will be shipped directly from them. We offer many of the vendor fabrics at a discount of 20-40% off retail. Sunbrella fabrics on sale will be shipped from the vendor as soon as possible. If you are looking for specific fabrics from a specific brand, a specific fabric, cloth, color, pattern, or thematic idea, then it is easiest to look here first for a full selection of fabrics to help you find exactly the right one.