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Scalamandre Fabric

Wallpaper or paint? When you are redecorating a room, you have a lot of variables to consider, like what are you going to accent and what are you going to use to compliment that accent? It isn’t as easy as choosing a wall to highlight. You also need to think about how that wall will work with your furniture and your window fixtures. This doesn’t seem too complicated, but if you want to truly coordinate your paint, accent wall, curtains, and furniture, then you should consider decorating with Scalamandre fabrics.

What are Scalamandre fabrics?

Scalamandre fabrics began in 1929, when Franco Scalamandré started Scalamandré Silks. The son of a silk broker, he began creating silk textiles for historic restorations and refurbishings. The characteristics of the brand began then. Now, Scalamandre fabrics creates fine, luxurious, woven, mill-based decorative textiles, wallcoverings, trimmings, and fabric for furniture.

How does this help you with your home décor project?

It helps because you want high quality, you want a luxury aesthetic, and you want unique, one-of-a-kind details that are going to stand out from all of the home décor in your neighbourhood. With Scalamandre fabrics, you can bring historic-grade quality and detail into your home—and you can coordinate those details so they extend throughout your home, unifying your accents into one spectacular and luxurious creation.

How can you achieve this unified aesthetic?

By coordinating the different applications of Scalamandre fabrics. Think of it this way: no longer do you need to worry about matching your accent wall’s color and design to the pattern and color of your accent chair, curtains, valance, or throw pillows. You can use Scalamandre fabrics to cover your accent wall. Not only will you have a beautiful design and a rich texture elegantly adorning your wall, but now you can also use the same fabric to cover the accent chair you would like to put in the opposite corner or in a different room. You can also use the same fabric for the curtains in the other rooms of your home, and if you don’t want your curtains to match your accent wall, then you can cover a valance in the same Scalamandre fabric, or make throw pillows.

Scalamandre fabrics are gorgeous fabrics that incorporate precise historic detail, quality, and style into their design. That means they are aesthetical and texturally beautiful, but it also means they are strong and versatile. They come in a number of designs, from historic to modern chic, so you can choose one pattern to accent your home, or multiple patterns to complement each other. Scalamandre fabrics are durable enough for use on upholstery, delicate enough to adorn your walls as artwork, and versatile enough to look and feel aesthetically beautiful for both purposes.

In fact, Scalamandre fabrics are so elegant and beautiful, that they are in high demand in a number of historical and cultural contexts. Scalamandre fabrics have been commissioned for use in such famous locations as the White House, the United States Capitol, United States Treasury, Monticello, Mount Vernon, Colonial Williamsburg, The Morgan Library, Wrightsman Galleries at Metropolitan Museum of Art, Isabelle Stewart Gardner Museum, Winterthur, the Mansions of Newport, Radio City Music Hall, and the Metropolitan Opera House.

If you want the best-dressed interior in America, then you want the textile that is in the highest demand by the leading designers and decorators. Give your house a touch of historic elegance and designer style; bring Scalamandre fabrics in on your next project.

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