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Waverly Home Décor Fabric

The Trick to Upholstering 

Anyone who has ever had something upholstered or done it themselves can attest to the fact the most important part of upholstering furniture is choosing the right fabrics. With so many styles, designs, colors and materials to choose from, however, it can be tricky business to choose the right fabric to upholster a sofa or chair. Here are some quick pointers on how Waverly home décor fabric can make your next project a success.

Always Choose Quality 

While rock-bottom prices on upholstery fabrics may be very appealing, try to avoid buying cheap fabrics. Inexpensive fabrics aren’t synonymous with low-quality fabrics; however, sometimes the old saying “you get what you pay for” is true. Upholstering furniture can be an expensive and labor-consuming process, so it’s important to choose fabrics that will make it worth all that time, energy and money. Cheap fabrics may dull their colors quickly, or may actually start to come apart at the seams, or rip and tear with everyday use. Always choose the best quality of upholstery fabrics, such as Waverly home décor fabrics. Waverly offers the most beautiful and richly-colored designs for your home furniture, at affordable prices. 

Backed by a Brand 

One reason why people choose to buy brand name fabrics is because they are backed by the guarantee of quality. Waverly home décor fabrics is one such brand that can guarantee its customers top-quality craftsmanship and unique, stunning designs. When shopping for upholstery fabrics, choose brand names over no-name brands, as no-name brands may be poorly made, and can lead you to have to shell out more money on upholstery fabrics in the future. 

What’s in a name? When it comes to successful companies, everything is in a name: their mission, their image, and the promise they make to their customers of high quality products and services. The same holds true of fabric companies. Their success depends on the happiness and satisfaction of their clients, so companies like Waverly home décor fabrics make it their mission to provide only the best in beautiful home fabrics. 

Get Creative 

Part of the fun of home décor is getting creative with the look and feel of a home. When it comes to furniture upholstery, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! Mix and match colors, patterns, materials and designs to create a look that is unique and attractive. 

But Be Practical 

Choosing the right upholstery fabric for your home will not only depend on aesthetic tastes and design vision, but also on the practicalities of a home. For example, homes with furry pets or small kids may not benefit from delicate linen or light-colored fabrics. Too many spills, pet hair, and the general rambunctious energy that kids and pets are known for will damage these kinds of fabrics in no time. Fabrics like leather or cotton (which is easy to clean) may be better choices for these types of home environments. 

Waverly home décor fabrics offers a variety of beautifully designed, affordable home fabrics to suit any home environment. Check out their selection today to go above and beyond on your next home décor project.