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Schumacher Fabric

From the Silver Screen to your Living Room

Few fabric design houses come with the storied history and notoriety of Schumacher. This legendary company defines American interior design, with a decidedly European flair. Schumacher fabrics have popped up in the most iconic of places throughout history. From the quirky-chic home of Lucy and Ricky on I Love Lucy, to the dramatic walls of Tara, Scarlett O'Hara's home in Gone with the Wind, it seems like whenever someone or something is having a pop culture moment, there's Schumacher helping to set the scene.

Schumacher fabric isn’t limited to Hollywood studios and the homes of elite socialites. Here at Swanky Fabrics, we carry a collection of beautiful Schumacher, allowing you to take your home to new levels of design and glamor. Some of the most iconic and storied designs, as well as new styles that are destined to take their place in home design history, can be yours.

The Cutting Edge of Style

Throughout the design house's history, Schumacher has always managed to stay poised firmly on the cutting edge of high style. Famously used by the most iconic interior designers, Schumacher fabric has defined home style time and time again. From Vanderbilt’s family homes to the studio of legendary interior designer Dorothy Draper, the Schumacher name is synonymous with rule breakers, taste makers and style luminaries.

So, just what is it that makes Schumacher fabric so appealing? Think rich, saturated colors; crisp, bold patterns that range from romantic to mod; and an incredible quality that has been perfected over the course of over 125 years.

Schumacher is perhaps best known for its prints. These prints are sharp, distinct, impeccable in their color, and capable of heightening any room's style, even in small doses. A throw pillow or roman shade in a Schumacher print is enough to make anyone entering the room stop and take note, but without being gaudy or over the top. That's precisely what has kept Schumacher on the cutting edge of style for so long – an unapologetic boldness that always remains tasteful and artistic.

Schumacher Fabric Today

Today’s Schumacher fabrics range from stately traditional prints, classic stripes, and florals, to graphic spots, daring animal prints and gorgeous Asian-inspired landscapes, complete with delicate foliage and incredible detail. Whether you're looking to upholster one statement piece or decorate a whole room, bringing Schumacher fabrics into your home is a great way to add a heightened level of style, and make a statement that's both timeless and chic.

Schumacher produces a range of almost every color, texture and weight available, from breezy sheers to luxurious velvets and intriguing textured weaves. This means that Schumacher fabric can be used almost anywhere in your home, from curtains to furniture and everywhere in between.

Are you ready to update your home style to Hollywood golden-era glam, gallery-worthy artistic, or cutting-edge chic? Check our selection of Schumacher fabric here at Swanky Fabrics. With such an incredible selection to choose from, we'll have what it takes to make our home design vision a reality. Get in touch with us today to get started.