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Velvet Fabric by the Yard

If you’re planning on keeping up to the latest trends this year, then you need to get your hands on velvet fabric by the yard. Here’s why.

There’s a new trend popping up in fashion and home décor. Actually, it’s an old trend that now has a new edge. It seems like the 90s are coming back around, and they are bringing with them their circa 70s era style. What does this mean? Well, first of all, it means that fashion and home décor trends are really circular—but most of us already knew that. What it also means is that velvet is no longer a thing of the past. It’s back, and it’s bringing a whole new edge with it—one so exciting that you’ll be buying velvet fabric by the yard to try to keep up.

What’s so new about velvet?

Its unashamed accents, that’s what. If you were around in the 90s, and before that, in the 70s, then you probably remember velvet shirts and corduroy bellbottoms. Well, these are on their way back into the forefront of fashion, so if you are hoping to stay trendy, you can either start digging through your mom’s closet, or you can find the velvet patterns and styles you like, along with velvet fabric by the yard, and you can start making your own velvet shirts, dresses, skirts, and even high-waisted shorts.

The great thing about velvet is that it isn’t just beautiful

Velvet is a gorgeous fabric, but unlike some fabrics that are exceptionally beautiful and only have a few uses, velvet is a versatile fabric with a lot of different applications. Because you can purchase velvet fabrics by the yard in many different weights, styles, and patterns, you can use velvet for a lot of different projects. For instance, stretch velvets and lighter weights can be great for making velvet shirts and dresses. Heavier weighted velvets are great for projects that need to hang well, like curtains. If you costume and cosplay, it’s great for capes and cloaks. You can also get crushed velvet, which is great for re-upholstering chairs and making seat covers.

Here are a few other reasons you’ll want to buy velvet fabrics by the yard:

  • Holiday decorating. Are you looking for a way to give a little extra elegance and luxury to your holiday decorations this year? Velvet stockings will have people looking two, three, maybe four times at your Christmas decorations. However, you don’t have to stop at holiday decorating. You can also add velvet accents to your bouquets and other seasonal displays. Velvet adds a gorgeous, rich texture to your decorating projects, so you can easily create velvet ribbons and curtain sashes when you buy velvet fabrics by the yard. Velvet can also be made into beautiful DIY flowers to accent any of your decorations.
  • Speaking of decorating, have you thought of scrapping the traditional gift wrapping supplies and wrapping in velvet instead? Your gifts will look too amazing to open, even if you just finish your wrapping off with velvet ribbons, bows, and flowers. They’ll look so great, you’ll be buying velvet fabrics by the yard.
  • Forget traditional home décor accents. You can use velvet to accent your room with style by creating velvet lamp shades, throw pillows, curtains and valances, and even velvet headboards. Have some extra fabric lying around from buying so much velvet fabric by the yard? Throw the odds and ends together into a quilt. It’ll quickly become your favourite blanket—and a great gift idea to boot.
  • Of course, you can also create accents for your own fashion styles using velvet. You’ll be buying velvet fabrics by the yard to make bows, hair accessories, and even bow ties.

Need another reason to buy velvet fabrics by the yard? Just check out all the amazing styles at Swanky Fabrics.