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Mohair Fabric by the Yard

Sometimes, you just need to make a statement. That's especially true in your home. Certain rooms or pieces of furniture call for a little extra something, a punctuation mark that stands out and draws eyes in.

Mohair is a perfect way to make a statement in your home. It is equal parts timeless and unique, textured but soft, classic yet daring. When you're looking to upholster a statement piece for any room in your home, take a look at our selection of mohair fabric by the yard.

Among the Finest Wool

So just what is mohair? It's one of the finest wools in the world. Taken from the fleece of the Angora goat, it's not your average wool. Angora goats don't have the same short, hair-like coat as your average goat, nor do they have the heavy, fluffy fleece of a sheep. Mohair is a completely unique wool and is noted for the following qualities:

  • High sheen
  • Silky texture
  • Long fibers that make for smooth knits (long enough to allow you to buy mohair fabric by the yard)
  • Takes well to dyes, making it available in a variety of colors

Despite its lustrous appearance and luxuriously soft texture, mohair still has the durability and resiliency that is a hallmark of wool.

Not Just for Sweaters!

When many people think of mohair, their minds immediately go to sweaters, scarves and other clothing items that you might typically see made of mohair or other wools. However, you can do so much more with mohair than wear it! It's a great choice for upholstery too.

Mohair upholstery can make for great accent pieces. Think throw pillows that make a statement and dress up neutral furniture, or knit throws that make your family room as cozy as can be. Mohair is a great way to add a stylish flair to your existing decor.

Of course, you don't have to limit mohair to smaller items. Here at Swanky Fabrics, we sell mohair fabric by the yard, allowing you to upholster larger pieces of furniture, like accent chairs, benches and even sofas. Because mohair is a unique combination of bold and timeless, a large piece of mohair furniture makes a perfect anchor piece to build a room around.

Care for Mohair

As with any upholstery fabric, regular care and maintenance will keep it looking fresh and beautiful for longer. Like many high-pile fabrics, mohair may collect dust. This can be prevented simply by vacuuming regularly with an appropriate upholstery attachment. A hard clothes brush may also be used regularly to remove dust and keep the fabric looking smooth.

Mild, damp stains may be absorbed with a cloth moistened with lukewarm water. For serious stains on mohair, it's always best to consult an upholstery cleaning professional for appropriate cleaning products.

If you're ready to make a bold but elegant statement in your home, check out our selection of mohair here at Swanky Fabrics. We sell mohair fabric by the yard in a variety of colors, ensuring you'll find one to fall in love with.