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What Are the Best Decorative Fabrics for Home Decor?

Posted by Kristi on 10th Sep 2018

Here, the question may seem simple, but like so many things that seem simple, the answers or solutions sometimes seem to just slip us by. Well, no longer! When we ask about the best decorative fabric … read more


Why Upholstery Fabric is Important for Your Home

Posted by Kristi on 8th Sep 2018

When people think of upholstery, and even about domestic fabric uses in general, likely the first sense that they will associate with it is sight. How does that dining chair set look with its cushi … read more


Using Fabrics to Enhance Your Home Décor

Posted by Kristi on 28th Jun 2018

Decorating with fabric is a great idea, and sometimes it’s the only way to get the look you want. Maybe you have a particular pattern that you are looking for, or one that you don’t even know about ye … read more