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How to Choose and Buy the Right Durable Fabrics from an Online Discount Fabric Store

Posted by Kristi on 27th Jun 2018

Sewing is a truly therapeutic practice, but it is also a practice that requires a solid understanding of fabric. Choosing the right fabric is the most important step in the construction of a garment. You cannot sew a woven fabric the same way as a knit, and certain patterns call for certain fabric types. For those especially thrifty sartors and seamstresses, finding discount fabrics is a thrill, but in many cases, the fabric is not necessarily labelled. Being able to identify fabric through feel and texture is important, especially if you don’t want to pass up a deal! You can also find fabrics on online discount fabric stores, but you need to thoroughly know what you are looking for. So let’s go over some tips and tricks.

Fabric Properties

When you are choosing fabric, you must consider two things: the quality of the fabric itself and how suitable the fabric is for the particular project. While there are no right and wrong fabrics, every fabric has good traits and bad traits that make it situationally right or wrong. For instance, if you are trying to make a light tank top that drapes effortlessly, then denim is the wrong fabric to buy to achieve this look. However, if you want a fabric that is boxy and stiff for a reupholstery project, denim might be the right fabric. You wouldn’t choose satin or silk for a couch, but this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t use those fabrics for accents in the room—like curtains or even accent pillows. When you buy a pattern, the instructions will include fabric suggestions and measurements. You can find durable and high-quality fabrics, like Duralee Fabrics, at Swanky Fabrics’ online discount fabric store.

Reading Instructions

It’s important to read instructions properly because this is how you properly plan the construction of your project. The same goes for using fabrics for interior design and upholstery. You need to know your sizing and the required amount of fabric before you can purchase your fabric. Always make sure to check out online discount fabric stores for a deal! You can learn how to read a fabric bolt in a physical store here. Understanding fabric properties is important because the fabric type will determine the proper measurements. You need more yards for woven garments and fewer yards for a knit fabric. Why? Because knits stretch along their width significantly.

Knit Fabrics vs Woven

You might be thinking knits are pretty easy to identify—even if you aren’t a knitter. But something knitted on a knitting machine is a bit trickier to notice because the stitches are much tinier. Sewing knits can be a challenge because of how much the fabric stretches and curls at the edges. However, it is worth it to learn how because of the softness and breathability of knits. Woven fabrics have criss-crossing fibers that you need great vision to identify. You must treat woven fabrics differently than knits as they unravel easily. The edges must be finished with a simple zigzag stitch, or if you are a real professional, you could use a serger. When trying to achieve a stiffer fabric for chair cushions, or if you are thinking of using the fabric you found at an online discount fabric store for a re-upholstery project, durable fabrics like Duralee Fabrics are great because they do not stretch easily, they are more crisp, and they won’t wear out as easily. At our Swanky Fabrics online discount store, we have a variety of fabric types to choose from. Check us out today so you can get started on your next project.