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What Are the Best Decorative Fabrics for Home Decor?

Posted by Kristi on 10th Sep 2018

Here, the question may seem simple, but like so many things that seem simple, the answers or solutions sometimes seem to just slip us by. Well, no longer! When we ask about the best decorative fabrics for home décor, it may help to zoom out for a minute. After all, what makes the best home decor, period? There is so much pressure nowadays to buy, produce, and make decisions on the fly that it can, at times, feel overwhelming. One of the best attitudes to bring to the table is the gradual approach, or the layered approach. When decorating and making décor decisions, changing and adding only a few things at a time can be the best bet: that way, you’ll end up not wanting to redesign everything at once a couple of years down the road, and you’ll end up with a cohesive home—not just a matching one. When it comes to upholstery and home decor fabrics, this can see you, the homeowner, turning to retailers that offer a wide and deep selection of fabrics over those that will only divvy up the year’s latest trends. These upholstery fabric stores will even offer fabrics like Fabricut Fabrics.

The Time of the Season

Depending on where you live in the country, summer may be just about to end, or you may have a few months to go before the colder weather sets in. Regardless, when you undertake a revamp of home décor, especially with such mainstays as fabrics and upholstery, it can be tempting to do so with the latest season in mind. All those magazines and catalogues you’ve been browsing through have burrowed out a little corner in your mind—and you can’t wait to act on the most soothing pastels or the wildest patterns. But hold up a second because those fabrics are going to be with you throughout the year. If you’re considering ordering Fabricut Fabrics from an upholstery fabric store, consider what’s on offer in the way of richer creams, or linear multi-colors. Neutral shouldn’t be boring—let it be refined—but make sure it will have a place in more than just the upcoming season.

From Floor to Ceiling

Although when folks tend to think about fabrics and upholstery, they’ll imagine chairs, lounges, and couches, Fabricut Fabrics don’t stop there. Even though you wouldn’t say that you’re going to ‘upholster’ your walls, you can certainly swaddle them in some serious swank—not with fabric per se, but with Fabricut’s in-house designed line of wallpapers. That the same

purveyor offers both upholstery and wallpaper is a good general indicator that you’ll have luck creating a warm, cohesive space that you can rely on to work both emotionally and aesthetically—and you’ll be able to limit your reno and décor shopping to fabric stores, to boot!

Pop with that Plush

Sometimes the clinical aesthetic of contemporary designs, still heavily inspired by modernism, can force a homeowner to compromise on her dual impulses to curate home décor for herself and remain in the now. An especially easy way to support both drives is by allowing for the pointed, geometric designs of contemporary trends to find a home among the natural softness of throws and cushions. Fabricut Fabrics, found at many fabric stores, should be able to provide the right accent to those sometimes-frosty angles. And in the end, style, trends, and taste, should never clash with comfort.