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What to Consider When Buying Outdoor Fabrics by the Yard

Posted by Kristi on 26th Feb 2018

Buying outdoor fabrics by the yard comes with plenty of choices. Not only do you have to select patterns and colors, but you also have to consider the many types of fabrics that are available and their general usage. Here is a brief primer on some of the most popular outdoor fabrics, their advantages, and the types of projects for which they are best suited.

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Solution Dyed Acrylic is one of the most popular options when it comes to buying outdoor fabrics by the yard. This material has a reputation for being ultra-durable, not just from wear-and-tear, but also providing resistance to fading, sun damage, and pretty much everything else. This breathable fabric makes for an excellent choice for any projects that involve something people will touch. One of the most popular ways to use acrylic is not even for outdoor projects, per se, but to give their indoor items some added durability, especially when there are kids and animals about.


Strong, easy-to-clean, light resistant, dries quickly: the list of advantages when it comes to polyester seem limitless, which is why it remains one of the most popular options for people who are buying outdoor fabrics by the yard. Polyester comes in almost any pattern, any color, and it blends well with other fabrics, making it one of the most prevalent fabrics in general. Many people love polyester for their outdoor cushions because they can let them get wet without worrying about everything being ruined. Mind you, it’s always a good idea to bring your cushions back into the house.


In general people who are looking for outdoor fabrics by the yard turn to canvas when they need something with a tried-and-true reputation for durability. Canvas remains a popular choice for outdoor furniture and accessories because of its classic look and feel. In general, today’s canvas is made with cotton instead of the traditional hemp, mostly to help with price points and to provide a more consistently durable material. You can also find duck canvas, a popular and durable canvas that features a tighter weave that makes it softer to the touch, but it is slightly pricier.


Vinyl today is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, and not just for music records. This hardy fabric is the second most popular plastic in production, and it is seeing itself show up all over the place, including in stores that sell outdoor fabrics by the yard. Vinyl may not be the nicest to the touch or as environmentally-conscious as some other fabrics, but its durability makes it last longer than most other fabrics, which is why it is a popular choice for outdoor drapes.

There are an incredible number of options when it comes to buying outdoor fabrics by the yard, ranging from soft and beautiful natural fibers to hardy and durable synthetic ones. Choosing the right one for your project depends on what the project entails and your vision for the final product. Once you narrow down the types of fabric you want to use, choosing a pattern or color becomes much easier.